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Published 1 Jul 2024



Before and after treatment with LTP Solvex

Graffiti and paint stains can be difficult to remove from stone.  This is because it tends to be porous, so it readily absorbs the paint.  Stone is also often acid-sensitive, so harsh chemicals which could erode the surface must be avoided; these include solutions that are high in alkalinity or acidity.  Other removal methods, like sand-blasting, should also be avoided as abrasive techniques can cause additional damage to the underlying surface.  

To safely remove graffiti, we recommend LTP Solvex.  It’s a powerful treatment but it’s non-caustic, so won’t damage the stone surface.  It can be used on all types of natural stone, including travertine, terracotta, slate and sandstone, as well as glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles. 

How to apply LTP Solvex

  • To apply Solvex, pour the liquid into a separate container and apply generously with a brush or by dabbing with a cloth.  Work in manageable areas of no more than five square metres and don’t brush out; keep the application generous.
  • Leave the solution for up to 30 minutes, but don’t allow it to dry out. If the surface starts to dry within this timeframe, apply a little more treatment.  After 30 minutes, use a stiff brush or an abrasive pad to remove the softened paint and repeat the process if any unwanted material remains.
  • Finally, wash down the surface with a dilute solution of LTP Grimex cleaner, rinse with plenty of water and leave to dry.  We generally recommend sealing the stone or tiles with a suitable treatment after 24 hours, to protect the surface from future damage.



LTP Solvex 5ltrLTP Grimex 5ltr

Other ways LTP Solvex can help


In addition to removing graffiti and paint, LTP Solvex also removes stubborn wax, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane sealers and epoxy grout, softening the residue in each case so that it can easily be removed. 


After cleaning stone to remove graffiti, we’d normally advise the application of protection to help prevent paint and other ink-based solutions from absorbing. This will make any future clean up much easier. For this, we would recommend an application of LTP External Stone Sealer externally and, for interior applications, LTP Mattstone or Mattstone H20.

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