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  • LTP Solvex

  • £21.84

    • High performance remover.
    • Removes Wax & Silicone
    • Also Acrylic & Polyurethane Sealers.
    • And Residual Epoxy Grout.
    • A powerful non-caustic stripper.
  • £21.84

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  • High Performance Remover suitable for Wax , Silicone, Acrylic, Polyurethane Sealers and Residual Epoxy Grout For Stone, Travertine, Terracotta, Slate, Sandstone, Flag-stones, Quarry Tiles, Glazed Ceramic and Porcelain . A powerful non-caustic stripper that softens most types of surface sealer, which can then be removed with ease. Suitable for removing most wax, oil, silicone, acrylic, polyure-thane sealers and residual epoxy grout.. After washing and rinsing, surfaces are ideal for re-sealing.

  • High performance remover suitable for wax, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane sealers and residual epoxy grout.

    Rinse with a dilute solution of LTP Grimex

  • LTP Solvex Reviews

    • Brilliant! We had non slip tiles put down and epoxy grout. Despite being cleaned after installation we still had a haze which trapped dirt and made the tiles look grubby. We applied Solvex as directed and the haze lifted with ease. The tiles are now easy to clean and look great.

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