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  • LTP Grimex

  • £13.34

    • Heavy Duty Grime & Stain Remover.
    • Ideal for use in Restoring Old Tiles and Floors
    • Stain Remover: including Oil, Grease and Dirt.
    • Removes Old Wax Layers.
    • For Interior & Exterior Use
  • £13.34

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  • Suitable for artificial and natural tiles and floors including travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, porcelain, granite, terracotta, quarry tiles, brick, external paving and driveways.

    Intensive cleaner, effective for removing stains such as oil, grease, ingrained dirt, grime and old wax layers from all artificial and natural stone and tiles. Ideal for general stone care and for use in the restoration of artificial and natural tiles and floors. It is especially effective on stone, travertine, slate, terracotta, porcelain and quarry tiles. LTP Grimex helps remove stubborn stains and existing layers of sealant from floors and tiles. It is also suitbale for the general maintenance cleaning of external driveways, patios and paths.

    To remove cement and grout stains you may find LTP Grout Stain Remover is a more effective alternative.

    Important: Test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application. Any alkalinity remaining on surfaces treated with this product should be completely neutralised. This may be done with a little clean water applied by sponge.

  • LTP Grimex is effective at removing the seal from natural stone surfaces. After using LTP Grimex you may wish to re seal or enhance your surface using an appropriate sealing product.
    Maintaining your sealed surface with the correct maintenance product will extend the life of the seal and offer additional protection.
  • LTP Grimex Reviews

    • Amazing product, very easy to use and worked perfectly! Now my floor looks great again!

    • Rang the company to find which product was required to restore 16 year old multi coloured Indian slate, they were very helpful. Used neat and used a green scouring pad and a suede brass brush for the grout. Fantastic product the floor looks like new. Secret is plenty of cleaning with a sponge and water. Also did not take very long or hard to do. Thank you. Five stars

    • After moving in to our new to us house the large extent of large yellowish tiles never looked clean.
      I scrubbed by hand, I scrubbed with a yard broom, I even bought an industrial floor cleaner with the big pads. This beast turned cleaning into a wrestling match around the kitchen/dining room.
      I went to TileTrader for advice ~ GRIMEX !! I bought a litre and went home!!
      OMG ~ I did try the few drops to a gallon but soon resorted to neat with a yard broom to scrub. Four tiles at a time, work GRIMEX into the tiles and wait. Srub with a bit of water, scrub with more water, mop with a lot of water. Rinse and admire the result.
      Nothing had got these tiles clean until GRIMEX. Just try a few neat splashes and leave it, it works without scrubbing and the water you rinse with will be filthy.
      I should have sought advice on day one ~ GRIMEX world like magic but doing a whole floor in one go has me beat. I do a section at a time and the results are fantastic.
      DON'T use it as a regular cleaner, follow the LTP instructions and you can restore a floor that you thought would never be clean.
      Thank you LTP and wonderful GRIMEX.

    • Fantastic product that really works as it should.
      I was faced with cleaning a Welsh slate hearth. Thanks to bees making a nest in a chimney and my customer then attempting to use their woodburning stove, the hearth ended up covered in a mix of beeswax, honey, creosote, and old stone sealer. An unbelievably messy combination.
      I used Grimex neat, applied using a typical domestic dishwashing sponge. The deposit on the hearth softened after a few minutes. It was so thick I had to use a Stanley knife blade to remove it, though thanks to the Grimex it came up very easily as it had completely let go of the slate and was really soft.
      A good wash round with plenty of water, followed by using LTP Mattstone to re-seal the hearth, was all that was necessary to get the slate looking good as new.
      Only comment is the product gives off a strong smell of ammonia so keep the area well ventilated, and wear appropriate PPE.

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