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  • Impregnating Sealers

  • LTP Mattstone

  • £21.14

    • Natural matt finish impregnating sealer
    • Water, oil & grease repellant
    • Allows surfaces to breathe.
    • Minimal change to the natural appearance.
  • £21.14

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  • Suitable for all types of natural and artificial stone, unglazed porcelain, sandstone, slate, marble, terracotta, quarry, brick & concrete. A natural matt finish impregnating sealer that, on some stones, may also delicately enhance colour and texture. Helps protect against staining.  Strongly repels water, oil and grease. Allows surfaces to breathe.

    Maintain with LTP Waxwash for floors and LTP Stonewash for walls.

  • Clean brushes with White Spirit.

  • LTP Mattstone Reviews

    • Love this sealant, last for ages and makes my natural brazilian slate look awesome. However, be warned, you need to apply liberally on riven slate. if theres excess sealant, it will dry white and then you need to get it off with grimex and then reapply. its cost me a lot of cash to strip it all and now i need to buy more sealant and apply liberally. i have a large area of slate and i would strongly recommend this product.

    • never normally write reviews but thought i should for this ,i used it for my shower room for natural stone tiles ,sealed them last year and i can still see the water repel off them and still got my natural look for the tile ,im now going to use it on my concrete garage / carport ,i strongly recommend this stuff

    • This is a fantastic product. I am a fireplace installer and use LTP MATTSTONE extensively on my slate and honed granite hearths. It is a very easy product to apply as it is not at all fussy, other sealers require a pristine surface but Mattstone seams to work almost like a cleaner. A small amount of dust left from cutting does not seam to cause issue.
      Simply spread fairly liberally with paint brush or sponge. Leave to absorb then buff up with a soft cloth. Two coats gives excellent results, improving the colour of the stone subtlety and hiding small scratches and chips to a degree.
      It works very well as a cleaner on previously treated stone, bringing a hearth up like new with minimal effort.

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