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  • Moisture-repellent and stain resistant. Delicately enhances appearance. Helps prevent moss and mould formation. Protects against weathering and efflorescence. UV Resistant and non-yellowing. 
    Breathable. Suitable for use on all types of external masonry including natural and artificial stone, limestone, sandstone, slate, brick and concrete paving .
  • Enviromentally safer water based impregnating sealer.

    External use, requires 24hours to fully cure.

    Clean your brushes with water.

  • LTP External Stone Sealer Reviews

    • Initially it seems to be expensive, but it does the job far better than the cheaper products. The colour enhancing quality was immediately noticeable and the finish and durability far outlasted any sealer I have used in the past
      I used 6 lts on a porous stone surface of 16 sq. metres. I applied 4 coats. Went on easy with no mess.
      Would definitely recommend this product

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