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  • Waterbased Black impregnating sealer for restoring the appearance of all types of faded dark natural and artificial stone including limestone, marble, slate and concrete pavers.
  • LTP Blackstone Reviews

    • Brilliant product, revived a ruined limestone patio

    • Does exactly what it says. My paving slabs are 600x900, I poured a cap full on each slab and spread it around and therefore it easily covers the m2 quoted.

    • The immediate finish of the his product really looks the part. It took two coats to get my patio back to black. Unfortunately my patio has a total area of 13.5m2 (27m2 for two coats) and the product ran out at around 22m2 when using a brush to apply so I'm not 100% convinced at the 30m2 claim
      I'm unsure that it will last very long also, because my son has a sand pit on the patio which we put back in place around 3 dry days after application. Where some sand has fallen into the patio and my son has subsequently stood on the sand, the coating appears to be diminishing and the old colour is coming through which is disappointing. Hopefully this an isolated issue, because as I've said, the finish is very good

    • Recommended by a local stone merchant to put on our newly laid patio and uniform the darkness of our varying degrees of black kadapha limestone. Excellent product. Dries quickly to a matt black and if applied carefully will make your limestone look new. Best on the market for black limestone.

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