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  • LTP Ironwax Satin

  • £24.40

    • Self-shine satin finish film forming acrylic sealer
    • Suitable for Interior use only.
    • Low maintenance.
    • Protects against staining & dirt.
  • £24.40

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  • Easy to apply, low maintenance self-shine satin finish film forming acrylic sealer. Enhances colour and texture, protects against staining and stubborn dirt, easy to maintain. May be used on travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate, un-polished marble, terracotta, porous quarries, bricks, terrazzo and concrete Suitable for domestic and commercial use. Maintain with LTP Floorshine.

  • Interior Use Only. On more porous surfaces pre-seal with LTP Mattstone H20. 
    Not suitable for use in wetrooms or shower enclosures.
  • LTP Ironwax Satin Reviews

    • This is an excellent product for use throughout the home (except in wet areas). I have used it in my dining/kitchen for years with lots of foot traffic including children. It doesn't show scratches or marks easily, is easy to apply and looks fabulous. I recommend it all the time.

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