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  • Impregnating Sealers


  • £21.14

    • Ideal for mechanically polished surfaces
    • Protects against water & oil.
    • Protects against grease and dirt.
    • Ideal for use on Granite Worktops.
    • For interior & exterior use.
  • £21.14

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  • Impregnating sealer for polished porcelain, marble, limestone, slate & granite. Colourless and easy to apply impregnating sealer. Suitable for polished floors, walls, worktops and fireplaces. Does not alter the polished finish of the surface. For interior and exterior use. Maintain with LTP Waxwash for floors and LTP Stonewash for wall & worktops.

  • Polished Wall & Floor Tile Sealer; suitable for interior & exterior use

    Clean brushes with white spirit.

  • LTP MPG Reviews

    • Easy to apply and polish off. Work fast and a large area can be completed quickly. Would recommend a vapour mask if asthmatic as strong vapours are given off.

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