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Absolute Stone Care restores magnificent Hancocks' frontage with LTP

Published 12 Dec 2021


Absolute Stone Care restores magnificent Hancocks' frontage with LTP

Absolute Stone Care has recently transformed Hancocks Jewellers’ stunning marble shop front, removing historic rust to restore the stonework to its former glory.  Located on Manchester’s King Street, the iconic boutique store was the city’s very first jewellers, founded in 1860.  Various LTP treatments, including two specialist rust removers, were used to renovate the 40-year-old frontage and provide ongoing protection.


Hancocks Jewellers' frontage before treatment with LTP (left) and after treatment (right)

Hancocks Jewellers’ white marble frontage is defined by two large windows, one of which displays its exquisite pieces.  Over time, water has saturated iron nails used to hold ledges in place and rusty water has penetrated the fine stone.  Rust stains are one of the most challenging to remove and treatment can be difficult.  Staining can be caused by water coming into contact with iron particles and it can be naturally occurring, as many natural stones, like marble, contain deposits of iron.  This can oxidise or rust when it comes into contact with moisture.   Certain acid cleaners also contain solutions that can stain and accelerate oxidisation and, as marble is acid-sensitive, caustic cleaners can cause further damage.  

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Front & side views after treatment with LTP

To remove staining, without damaging the marble, Absolute Stone Care used two LTP treatments: LTP Rust Remover to tackle stains caused by external sources and LTP Ferrex to remove naturally occurring staining. Repeated treatment drew dark red staining from deep within the stone’s porosity.  The frontage was then washed down with LTP Power Stripper and rinsed with clean water.  During the final stage of the three-day project, the team repolished the marble to restore its natural sheen, repaired joints, buffed the surface and applied ECOPROTEC Natural Finish Stone Sealer.  Ledges and flashings were also repaired and an annual maintenance regime scheduled.

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