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  • Worktop Care

  • LTP Stoneclean

  • £11.05

    • Ideal for stone fireplaces
    • Ideal for stone worktops
    • Easy to apply, fast acting formula
    • Removes all types of dirt & grease
    • For polished & unpolished stone
  • £11.05

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  • Deep cleans surfaces to remove all types of dirt and grease. Ideal for removing build up of wax and aftercare product. Use as an intensive cleaner for conditioning new surfaces before sealing or as an intensive cleaner for renovating existing surfaces. Suitable for polished and unpolished natural and artificial stone including limestone, granite, marble, travertine, slate, sandstone, quartz, terrazzo, basalt, concrete and all other types of masonry surface.

  • For cleaning and restoration of polished and unpolished stone
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