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Natural Stone – Pedestrian Walkways & Driveways

Published 6 Jan 2016


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LTP Mattstone H20 is both hydrophobic and oleophobic and offers excellent resistance to staining and moisture ingress. If sprayed onto the surface a single coat is normally sufficient, if brushed two coats. The low viscosity allows the active ingredients to absorb into the surface and dry, to provide an in depth mesh of protection within the pores of the stone without creating a film or altering the surface character. Despite being extremely repellent the treated surfaces remain breathable. Dirt and moisture are prevented from absorbing making removal much easier. Ensure that the natural stones are dry and free from as much dust and dirt as possible before treating.

SEALING:        LTP MATTSTONE H20 (environmentally friendly)    5ltr containers


Fill sprayer with 5 litres of LTP Mattstone H20, set pressure to 1 bar. Hold nozzle of the sprayer 


approximately 50cm from the surface to be treated and apply evenly using asweeping motion. The sealer will take about 15-20 minutes to absorb into the stone. Gloves, eye protection and face mask should be worn. Two hours after application test a small area for resistance to moisture by flicking a little water onto the surface.

If water beads, enough sealer has been applied. If moisture absorbs, a second coat may be need to be applied. Treated surfaces will take about 3 days to become fully resistant. If Spraying equipment is not available apply using a roller or large paint brush, making sure to work the sealer into any uneven edges of the stone.
Approx coverage: 5ltrs = 50M2

TDS: https://b451c108ef7ce3b912eb-75c7695d67180639ae25fac6b37d4ead.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/ltp/uploads/download/2_31_tds-mattstone-h20.pdf
MSDS: https://b451c108ef7ce3b912eb-75c7695d67180639ae25fac6b37d4ead.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/ltp/uploads/download/2_0_msds-mattstone-h2o-clp-ghs.pdf

AFTERCARE: LTP POWER STRIPPER (water based solvent free) 5ltr containers

PERIODICALLY/WHEN REQUIRED spray and scrub surfaces clean. Scrubber dryer


machines can be used in conjunction with LTP Power stripper. Dilution should be 1 part Power stripper with 20 Parts water. This cleaner will help assist removal of general dirt and grime, chewing gum and stains from pollution from the treated external stone surfaces. Approx coverage: 5 ltrs : 500M2

TDS: https://b451c108ef7ce3b912eb-75c7695d67180639ae25fac6b37d4ead.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/ltp/uploads/download/2_21_tds-powerstripper.pdf
MSDS: https://b451c108ef7ce3b912eb-75c7695d67180639ae25fac6b37d4ead.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/ltp/uploads/download/2_56_msds-power-stripper-clp-ghs.pdf


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Provided the surfaces are correctly sealed, protection should last 3-4 years before considering applying a top up coat.
After intensive cleaning to remove graffiti or other staining, and once dry, always test for moisture ingress. If evident, cleaned areas should be re-sealed.
When using Mattstone H20, gloves, eye protection and if spraying a face mask with appropriate filter should be worn.
This information is offered without guarantee . The material should be used so as to take into account of the local conditions and the surfaces to be treated. In case of doubt, the products should be tried out in an inconspicuous area before general application.