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How to look after a quartz worktop

Published 22 Nov 2021


How to look after a quartz worktop

Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertop tops. It brings with it many practical benefits, as well as huge design scope. Quartz worktops are engineered and they’re made from a mix of crushed stones, resins and pigments.  Sometimes, this mix contains a large proportion of natural quartz rock but it can also contain marble, granite and other natural stones, as well as materials like ceramic and glass.  

Because quartz is engineered and it doesn’t need to be sealed, it’s often considered to be pretty bomb-proof.  And it is tough. It’s exceptionally dense and resistant to stains, but it isn’t stain proof. Lighter coloured quartz, in particular, can be marked by fruit juice, tea, coffee, wine and cosmetics, etc – and by oil which can leave a residue.  Harsh cleaning chemicals, which contain bleach or chlorine, can also stain and discolour quartz and dull polished surfaces.  Quartz is also vulnerable to heat, which can melt the resin.

To properly maintain a quartz surface, always use a pH-neutral cleaner.  We recommend the LTP all-in-one Quartz Care Kit which can be used on polished and unpolished surfaces. It includes Quartz Clean, Quartz Care and a microfibre buffing cloth.  Quartz Clean is an intensive foaming cleaner that lifts grease and stubborn dirt – ideal for older surfaces – and Quartz Care is a low foaming cleaner for routine maintenance. Both treatments are pH-neutral.


To protect surfaces from scorching, counter-top protectors or trivets should be used for hot pots and pans. There are lots of cost-effective options available, in materials ranging from tempered glass to silicone.  

LTP’s Quartz Care Kit can be used on other polished natural and artificial stone surfaces.  For stone surfaces, including marble and granite, the range also includes a three-part Stone Care Kit, for sealing, cleaning and maintaining natural and artificial stone surfaces.  All products are manufactured in the UK and are offered alongside expert advice.

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