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Has your Natural Stone been damaged by Household Cleaner?

Published 30 Oct 2015


We were contacted recently by a customer whose pet had a little accident on their Stoneworks Tumbled Pietra Limestone and tried to remedy it by spraying CIF Bathroom cleaner on it, the result is shown in the photo below!

cif-bathroom-spray-on-tumbled-pietra-limestoneStone damaged by Cif Spray-Image supplied by Stone Works Ltd

Our response to help rectify was…………….

LTP Grimex should be used to clean the surface of the stones that have been damaged by the CIF spray. This will help to neutralise the reaction that has caused a change in the character of the stones surface. The Lighter marks will still remain following cleaning, butltp-grimex_5l_1l_grp_2011_webshould appear a little darker.

Remember to work on the entire piece of stone and not just the areas that are affected. This should be done in a way that does not allow the cleaning solution to spread over onto neighboring tiles, so whole pieces of stone, but only up to the grout joints.

Apply LTP Grimex diluted 1 : 3 with water and agitate the surface….leave for 10 – 15 minutes….agitate again and then rinse well using a sponge and water.

Leave the stone to dry.


Apply LTP Stone Oil to the surface and allow to absorb. Check the surface after 45
ltp-stoneoil5ltin_1l_grp_webminutes and then wipe up any excess from the surface. Thisltp-mattstone5l1l_500ml_grp_webshould be repeated until the colour of the stone has been restored. For extra protection and after a 24 hour curing time for the Oil a coat of LTP Mattstone can be used over the top.



For dealing with spillages quickly when they occur we would suggest LTP Stonewash Spray.
This is a spray and wipe cleaner which will remove spillages without compromising the seal or damaging the surface of the stone.

For daily/weekly mopping use LTP Waxwash. This cleaner is PH Neutral and contains a trace of linseed oil, which makes it ideal for cleaning and embellishing sensitive sealed surfaces. A 1 ltr bottle is enough solution to wash a 20 sq.m LTP-Waxwash1L_Webfloor 40 times.

Hope this helps…

Customers response “Hip hip hooray”

  • It’s worked hooray
    Thank you so much
  • Please thank your guy for his help
    I can’t believe it

Thanks very much again xx

This information is offered without guarantee.  The material should be used so as to take account of the local conditions and the surfaces to be treated.  In case of doubt, the products should be tried out in an inconspicuous area before general application.